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Development Finance Consulting:

Planning to Build Tomorrow’s Businesses, Nonprofits and Communities

DMGS Development Finance Consulting devises a tailored strategy for clients that enables proposed development plans to become successful projects. DMGS has specialized project experience in commercial real estate development, municipal infrastructure, historic preservation, transit-oriented development, green building, affordable housing and the associated economic development programs. Beyond private capital, complex development projects often require public funding assistance to fill financial gaps.

Our team will identify funding sources at the federal, state and local levels for which the project may be eligible. Maximizing public-sector support for your development project requires focus, deep institutional knowledge, strong relationships and a comprehensive government strategy. This unique understanding of financial assistance programs allows for a targeted approach.

Specifically, DMGS Development Finance Consulting services to clients include the following as primary components of the strategy discussed above:

  • Preparation of a project financial feasibility analysis
  • Development of a comprehensive project financing strategy, including private and public sources
    • Assistance in securing private debt and equity
    • Financial analysis to determine any funding gaps
    • Evaluation of public-private partnerships, grants, loans, tax credits, tax abatements and tax increment financing
  • Application to public funding programs, including necessary lobbying support

Our team has vast experience devising financing plans, generating necessary stakeholder support and securing assistance. Additional project management and administration services include:

  • Securing development entitlements and regulatory approvals
  • Implementation of funding packages and compliance monitoring
  • Third-party vendor identification and management, including RFPs, bid negotiation and scheduling

Clients seeking to integrate public policy and public-sector procurement strategies into their overall business plans turn to DMGS professionals in New York and throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic for their experience, know-how and excellent client service.

Development Finance Consulting

Service Contact:

Michael Pehur